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Nonprofit hopes education is best tool against HIV People about HIV/AIDS prevention in Prince George County, but they don put that knowledge into action, said Dedra Spears Johnson of Upper Marlboro. not confronting HIV/AIDS in a big, aggressive way, says Spears Johnson, head of the Glenarden based nonprofit Heart to Hand. Misconceptions, poor choices and stigmas about the disease often keep residents from taking control of their health, she said. To increase awareness, Heart to Hand will launch its first Sally H. Saturday. The event also will include activities at City Hall, at 6301 Addison Road and free HIV testing provided by Heart to Hand. Proceeds from the run/walk will finance Heart to Hand HIV/AIDS prevention and care services. Organizers hope to raise at least $5,000. The event honors Heart to Hand co founder Sally Joseph, an AIDS activist for nearly 30 years, said Spears Johnson. The two women often saw each other at events and training sessions. Joseph died of lung cancer in 2009. Although the District grabs headlines for having the highest prevalence of HIV in the country, neighboring Prince George often loses out on attention and funding, said Spears Johnson. considered suburban, so we miss a lot of funding, said Spears Johnson, even though the county has the second highest HIV and AIDS infection rate in Maryland after Baltimore city. She noted that 1 out of 20 people are infected with HIV/AIDS in the District, whereas the rate for the county is 1 in 150. County neighborhoods bordering the District report higher rates, she said. to work and party, so the disease is traveling up and down the Beltway, she said. The issue, however, seems to lack urgency within the county, possibly because of perceptions about the disease, she said. of kids have grown up hearing about HIV/AIDS, so they think it manageable, she said. Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene Grant said people are too overwhelmed with day to day living to focus on AIDS prevention. dealing with so many issues, we not fully paying attention, said Grant, who is helping to organize the run/walk. Denise Bellows, one of the event planners, said conflicting messages about sex contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS. this country, if a girl or a guy is carrying a condom, people think he or she has sex a lot, said Bellows, who added countries such as Holland consider carrying a condom to be responsible. Spears Johnson hopes the 5K event will inspire county residents to make good decisions about their sexual health, talk to their partners about HIV/AIDS and speak out for more attention and funding. Grant said HIV/AIDS awareness must involve the entire community. Residents, for example, could receive guidance from their ministers, whereas youth might be more willing to listen to a recreation center staff member. Businesses, meanwhile, could educate employees.

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